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School Overview

School Leadership Graduates


The BYU School Leadership Program has a rich heritage of preparing school leaders for over twenty years.  These graduates now fill many administrative positions all over the State of Utah. Below is a partial list of former students who can be contacted regarding their experience in the BYU School Leadership Program.

Alpine District
(801) 756-8400
Granite District
(801) 646-5000
Jordan District
(801) 567-8100
John Spencer
Jess Christen


Naomi Hopf
Janice Flanagan
Curtis Hagen
David Barrett
Nebo District
(801) 354-7400
Provo District
(801) 374-4800
Salt Lake District
(801) 578-8599
Rick Nielsen
Everett Kelepolo
Dwight Liddiard
Anne Marie Harrison