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Administrative Licensure, Graduation, & Job Placement Information

State of Utah: Adminstrative Licensure 

State Requirements

Requirements for Administrative Licensure in the State of Utah are found in R277-505-4.  Please see the specific details at the official website. The following is a summary of the seven core requirements:

  1. A level 2 teaching license or equivalent from another state with area of concentration
  2. A master's degree or more advanced degree
  3. An accredited education administrative program
  4. A board-approved administrative test.  Utah has two Board-approved administrative tests-- Praxis and SLLA -- either of which will fulfill this requirement (see more information below)
  5. No fewer than three years of acceptable full-time professional experience in an education- related area in a public or accredited private or parochial school
  6. Successful completion of an administrative internship.  Level II teaching license is required to do the administrative internship; students without Level II teaching license will need to petition the State for an exception
  7. A recommendation from a Utah institution whose program of preparation has been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC), or one of the major regional accrediting associations as defined under R277-503-1L.   This recommendation affirms to the state that the applicant has met the above 6 requirements
  8. Renewed Fingerprints

Administrative Licensure Exams: PRAXIS SLLA

The State of Utah accepts two different exams for administrative licensure.   Both are administered through Educational Testing Services (ETS).  Both tests are offered at the BYU Testing Center.  This section provides information on both approved exams.

While the BYU School Leadership Program will facilitate your preparation for the administrative exam, this exam is not required for the School Leadership Program, for the M.Ed. degree or for graduation.

Licensure applicants will need to provide the score from their administrative exam to the BYU School Leadership Program to request a recommendation for administrative licensure (#7 above).  Be sure to request that your scores are sent to BYU.

Praxis Exam

The Praxis exam for Educational Leadership (#10410) is part of the ETS Praxis Series


The SLLA exam (#11011) a part of the ETS School Leadership Series.  

Graduation Information

Graduate Examination Websites