Purpose Statement

To assist and empower students to become informed decision makers in their pursuit of lifelong learning and service.

Mission Statement

We strive to model the attributes of Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher, in helping their university experience, as they prepare to educate and serve with an eternal perspective.

Contact us at 801-422-3426 or educationadvisement@byu.edu, or come to MCKB 350 to schedule an appointment.

Fall Office Hours

8 AM - 5 PM Monday and Friday
8 AM - 6 PM Tuesday*-Thursday

Our office is closed on Tuesdays during devotionals/forums from 10:45 AM - noon.

How The Front Office Can Help

No appointment needed. Contact the front office and see if the advising assistants can help you before you set up an appointment with an advisor.

The front office can answer general questions about:

  • Changing Majors
  • Declaring majors and minors
  • McKay Undergraduate Programs
  • Application Requirements
  • Praxis tests
  • Holds and Flags
  • Scheduling advisors and appointments

How Advisors Can Help

Appointment needed. Contact the front office to set one up.

Services advisors can help with:

  • Creating a graduation plan
  • Creating class schedules
  • Selecting a major
  • Applying for majors, student teaching, and internships
  • Prepping for graduation and convocation
  • Ensuring that you get the most out of your education experience


Brandan Beerli

Brandan Beerli

Elementary Education, last names A - C, and Athletes

Education Teaching/Coaching (K - 12)

JaNeece Thacker

JaNeece Thacker

Elementary Education, last names D - L

Special Education: Mild/Moderate

Special Education: Severe

Nichole Chaffee

Nichole Chaffee

Elementary Education, last names M - Z

Early Childhood Education

Tara Goulding

Tara Goulding

Communication Disorders

Secondary Education

Andrea Barry

Andrea Barry

Office Specialist