Who needs to take Praxis Tests?

To be eligible for graduation and licensure, students are required to pass the Praxis ll test designed for their teaching major and teaching minor(s).

For students who haven't completed the writing section of the ACT/SAT, they will need to complete the appropriate Praxis Test to make up for that.

Which tests do I need to take?

To find out what tests you need to take, visit Utah Test Requirements and click on your respective teaching major area. These contain a list of all the Praxis Subject Assessments that are required.

What happens if I don’t pass my Praxis Test(s)?

A student who does not obtain a passing score on the Praxis ll test associated with his or her teaching major will not be able to graduate with their teaching major or minor.   

These students options are:

  • Retake the test(s) until passing score(s) are obtained
  • Change major/minor to a non-teaching equivalent
  • Contact BYU Bachelor of General Studies to pursue one of several degree options, including an emphasis in Education. (Note: the Education emphasis does not lead to teacher licensure)

What scores do I need in order to pass?

Visit Utah Test Requirements click on your respective teaching major area, and look at the 'Qualifying Score' column.