ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)

All language teaching majors and teaching minors must receive the required rating* on an official ACTFL for graduation and licensing. To register for the OPI, contact the Center for Language Studies in 3086 JFSB or at (801) 422-1201. You must provide Education Advisement Center in 350 MCKB with a copy of your OPI rating report in order to graduate and be licensed.

  • Students with a language teaching major who do not receive the required rating on the OPI must change to a non-teaching major.
  • Students with a language teaching minor or a DLI minor who do not obtain the required rating on the OPI must drop the minor.

*OPI ratings required for teaching majors/teaching minors

Advanced-Low (or higher)
  • French Teaching
  • German Teaching
  • Portuguese Teaching
  • Spanish Teaching
  • Chinese Teaching
  • Japanese Teaching
  • Russian Teaching
  • English Teaching (For non-native speakers)
Advanced-Mid (or higher)
  • Dual Language Immersion

Example of an OPI Score Report

Example OPI Score Report

Updated 12/8/21