Things to Do:

Meet With an Advisor

Meet with an advisor in the Education Advisement Center (350 MCKB, 801-422-3426) to review and revise your graduation plan.

Guest Access

  • You can set up guest access and complete any of the necessary documents for deferral here
  • It is recommended that the deferring student grant guest access to an individual of their choosing. The guest access allows the designated individual permission to interact with staff/administration on the deferring student’s behalf. To complete an online guest access request, go to:

Financial Aid/Scholarship Deferment

If you have been awarded a scholarship, you may be able to defer those funds for the semesters after you return. Email for more information.

University Deferment Forms

You may apply for a leave of absence or missionary deferment. Please read the eligibility policies that are located at this site. Note: Students may have at least one semester (not including Spring/Summer Terms) of discontinuance without the need of submitting a deferment or leave of absence.

Important: Submitting deferment documents does not drop enrolled classes. The student is responsible to ensure that classes are dropped.

Before Returning

Prior to returning, a courtesy call or email to the Education Advisement Center is recommended to schedule an appointment to verify the graduation plan and course registration.