Deferment from a McKay School Teaching Program

Before Leaving

Step 1.  Education Advisement Center (EAC)

Meet with an advisor in the Education Advisement Center (350 MCKB, 801-422-3426) to review and revise your graduation plan. If you are deferring a MSE scholarship, complete a scholarship deferment form

Step 2. BYU Admissions Office

It is recommended that the deferring student grant guest access to an individual of their choosing.. The guest access allows the designated individual permission to interact with staff/administration on the deferring student’s behalf.

To complete an online guest access request, go to:

If deferring to serve a mission or for other reasons, it is important that the student inform the Admissions Office (D-148 ASB, 801-422-2507) to obtain and complete an official University Deferment Form and to learn what a deferment and re-admission entails. Please note that submitting deferment documents does not drop enrolled classes. The student is responsible to ensure that classes are dropped.

Step 3. Financial Aid Office

We recommend that the Financial Aid Office (801-422-4104) be contacted to learn how deferring will affect financial aid status.

If deferring a BYU scholarship, a deferment request must be submitted at the BYU Financial Aid office. If a MSE scholarship is deferred, a scholarship deferment form must be submitted at the Education Advisement Center office.

Before Returning

Prior to returning, a courtesy call or email to the Education Advisement Center is recommended to schedule an appointment to verify the graduation plan and course registration.

Page updated 05/04/17

Although the Education Advisment Center makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information found on this website, we reserve the right to make changes at any time. Students should regularly consult with their department, college advisement center, the university catalog, and the Education Advisement Center for updates and changes.