Arts Bridge

Teachers who have participated in Arts Leadership Academy are subsequently invited to participate in the Arts Bridge program. In Arts Bridge each participating teacher is paired with an arts scholar, who is a BYU student from one of the arts education programs (dance, music, drama, or visual arts). The arts scholar works with the teacher to implement arts instruction and to integrate and infuse the arts in the classroom. 

Arts Bridge provides an opportunity for classroom teachers to have an in-depth and practical experience in the selected art form. Arts scholars have the opportunity to spend time with a practicing teacher, gaining experience in classroom management, lesson planning, and team teaching. BYU faculty provide mentoring for the arts scholars while building relationships with public school teachers. The Arts Bridge program follows the model from ArtsBridge America, a national network of similar programs that has been implemented in over 30 universities throughout the United States.

To apply, please complete the online application and submit the required documents to the Arts Bridge Coordinator at

  • Fill out application form online.
  • Ask a faculty member to fill out recommendation form.
  • Send an arts resume that describes your background and past experiences
  • Send a cover letter regarding your interest in this position


Apply to be an Arts Bridge Scholar Here Recommend an Arts Bridge Scholar Here