Workshops, held onsite at your school, are available for your entire faculty or district groups. Workshops can be customized to include your school and district priorities.

These workshops are provided through the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program which provides professional development opportunities throughout Utah by collaborating with the following higher education institutions: Brigham Young University, Utah State University, University of Utah, Westminster College, Weber State University, Southern Utah University, and Dixie State College.

BYU provides workshops for teachers and administrators in Alpine, Jordan, Nebo, Provo, Wasatch, Uintah, South Sanpete, North Sanpete, Grand, Juab, Millard, and Duchesne Districts as well as for charter schools in areas participating in the BTSALP.

All of our workshops can be customized to fit your school's needs. Our presenters are willing to come and facilitate short introductory sessions, or provide longer sessions. We invite you to review the workshop menu below. Principals and districts can contact us at:

Call: (801) 422-4974

Arts Benefits

Engaging Students Through the Arts: Teaching In the "Nexus"
Presenter: Teresa Love - (801) 828-5465

The Arts and Learning Readiness
Presenter: Cally Flox - (801) 703-8651

Creative, Divergent Thinking
Presenter: Cindy Clark - (801) 425-5142

Teaching students today is like teaching kids who will live on a different planet tomorrow. They will live in a future we almost can’t describe. What do they need to prepare for an unpredictable future? The ARTS of course! Teachers will discover the importance of arts and ways to stimulate creative, divergent thinking as they participate in creative thinking projects they could use in their classrooms. (1–2 hour workshop)

Let’s Face It! Examine different ways of exploring self.
Presenter: Cindy Clark - (801) 425-5142

What is your story? Examine ways authors and artists have told their personal stories. Explore ways of creating self-portraits using a variety of media. Use the self-portrait as a way of self-discovery. Examine how students can do the same thing. (2-hour workshop)

Music Can Increase Literacy
Presenter: Jennifer Purdy - Music - (801) 419-5037

Music and literacy correlate in many ways. Using music to reinforce reading skills is fun and effective!

Developing Aesthetics, Nourishing Creativity, Engaging Students
Presenter: Chris Roberts - Dance - (801) 368-8303

Explore the basic elements of dance found in the Utah State Core, and experience the benefits of moving creatively. Your anxiety over dance will quickly melt away and be replaced with laughter as we dance our way through the grade levels and make connections with other curricular areas.

How to be an Artful Wonderer
Presenter: Jen Terry - (801) 623-8532

Teachers will learn strategies and tips to build creative mindsets in their classroom culture. By introducing children to creative strategies with art, they will be better able to persevere and bounce back with resilience when they get stuck. By using their "lookers," noticing patterns, gathering and capturing ideas and using those ideas to create bravely, you will notice a more confident, focused, independent group of thinkers (1–2 hours)

Using Music for Transitions in the Classroom
Presenter: Amie Searcy - Music

Classroom teachers will explore different ways they can utilize music in various transitions with their students.

Music and the Brain: Use Music to Help Students
Presenter: Amie Searcy - Music

Retrieve learned information. Using research on music and the brain, classroom teachers will learn how to organize musical excerpts into lessons and review sequences to enhance students' ability to remember concepts.

Game Day: Music Games Your Students Will LOVE!
Presenter: Amie Searcy - Music

Classroom teachers and Music teachers will love this collection of games for all age levels and abilities.

Arts Skills

Basic Skills in Visual Arts

Presenter: Cindy Clark - Visual Arts - (801) 425-5142 

Art Criticism with a GAME! Learn the four steps of art criticism by playing a game. Then use the four steps of art criticism to write a critique of a famous work of art. Learn ways to simplify the process for children. This activity is great for writing criticism and involves higher level thinking skills.  (For upper grade teachers)

Using Music in the Elementary Classroom
Presenter: Jennifer Purdy - Music - (801) 419-5037

Learn how to teach the basic elements and skills of music while reinforcing core subjects you are teaching in your classroom. (1.5–2 hours)

Favorite Music Activities from the USOE Songbook
Presenter: Jennifer Purdy - Music - (801) 419-5037

Understanding Basic Elements and Principles of Art
Presenter: Doug Allen - Visual Arts - (801) 205-1771

This session will cover the basic elements and principles of art, and ways for you and your students to learn and to use them through hands-on activity.

Learn How Vocabulary Assists in Understanding Art
Presenter: Doug Allen - Visual Arts - (801) 205-1771

This session will cover the importance of learning and visually understanding art vocabulary to build knowledge and appreciate a variety of artwork.

Looking at Art Work - What do we learn from it?
Presenter: Doug Allen - Visual Arts - (801) 205-1771

This session will provide teachers and students with a better understanding of critiquing artwork and finding what we can learn about history, dates and places through looking at the artwork.

Intro to Media Literacy

Presenter: James Huston - Media Arts - (775) 997-8236

This session will provide a general introduction to media literacy as a consumer, including how to analyze and evaluate media in a variety of forms. We will also discuss why it is important for students to develop critical autonomy to control their interpretation of media, rather than letting it control them.

Basic Media Arts Production

Presenter: James Huston - Media Arts - (775) 997-8236

This session will cover basic media production, including planning, writing, storyboarding, gathering media, editing, exhibition, and reflection. We will produce a short media piece using Adobe Spark (or other software if you are already proficient in something else). The goal is not to learn editing software, but to learn the reasons behind camera shot styles, the way images are juxtaposed, how music and sound can affect the feel of your piece, etc. 

Art Integration

Using Rhythm and Beat to Integrate the CORE

Presenter: Jennifer Purdy - Music - (801) 419-5037

Do you have a bunch of drums, buckets, or instruments that you aren't sure how to use? This session will show you how to use anything (including body percussion such as clapping or stomping) to reinforce ANYTHING you are teaching in your classroom. (1.5–2 hours)

Three Minutes Until Recess: Quick Music Activities to Energize and Activate or Focus and Calm Your Students
Presenter: Jennifer Purdy - Music - (801) 419-5037

Five Minutes of Drama a Day Keep the Core Standard Blues Away:
Practical Learning Activities for Language Arts

Presenter: Teresa Love - Drama - (801) 828-5465

“Imagine the Heavens...” Albert Einstein: STEM Using Drama Learning Activities
Presenter: Teresa Love - Drama - (801) 828-5465

Literacy with art, drama, dance, music, and math! It’s natural.
Presenter: Cindy Clark - (801) 425-5142

Using a children’s book (Knots on a Counting Rope), participants will become students in a classroom as they teach state core literacy standards enhanced with all four art disciplines (dance, drama, music, and visual art). Activities involve making a theater book, creating a landscape, using tableau, using levels in dance, experimenting with rhythm, and generating math problems. This is a great hands-on workshop to show teachers HOW to use the arts to teach core concepts. (2 hours, more as needed)

Thinking through STEM, “OUTSIDE” the Box
Presenter: Cindy Clark - (801) 425-5142

Mixed Media Masks - A Cross-Curricular Approach to Identity and Literacy
Presenter: Elicia Gray - Visual Arts - (801) 356-3827

The Clever Chameleon
Presenter: Elicia Gray - Visual Arts - (801) 356-3827

Students will explore mammals, amphibians, and reptiles using printmaking, paper sculpture, and edible paints.

Top 10 tips for integrating the arts in the classroom
Presenter: Jen Terry - (801) 623-8532

Tips that teachers can take back to their classroom to integrate the arts in the classroom. How teachers can make the most of transition times and natural steps to bring the arts into math, literacy, science and social studies. (1 hour)

Take your book for a walk
Presenter: Jen Terry - (801) 623-8532

Take your book for a walk by using activities that help children get the most out of a story. Using new and upcoming author and illustrators, teachers will learn tips on using picture books in the classroom to help with math, science, language arts, and social studies. Learn book and story mapping, imagery to help with comprehension, problem solving strategies, and how to find the best books for visible thinking. (1 hour)