Movin’ and Groovin’ to Keep Kids Improvin’

Sessions 2 & 4: Grades K-3

Want to add some movin’ and groovin’ to your classroom? This session will help you add movement to enhance deeper learning in your students. We will dance: rhyming words and simple poetry; language art content from “The Great Dictionary Caper” by Judy Sierra; the magical story of “Ocean meets Sky” by the Fann Brothers; sections from “Here We Are” by Olivia Jeffers; and we’ll dance how animals migrate, adapt and hibernate during the winter. Come get in the “groove” as we “move” to “improve”!

Dances from around the World

Session 5: Grades 2-6

Come take a trip around the world and learn dances from every continent: Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Australia and Asia (well, every continent except one……Antarctica). We’ll compare cultures and traditions from each continent as we dance fun traditional dances from around the globe!

Jana Shumway

Jana Shumway received her BA and MA from Brigham Young University in Dance Education. She has taught dance at the Waterford School; William Penn Elementary, Calvin Smith Elementary and Herriman Elementary as part of the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program. She taught at Brigham Young University teaching dance education classes, contemporary technique classes and she was the artistic director of BYU’s Kinnect Dance Company. Jana has presented at various art conferences throughout Utah such as: USOE Art Networking Conference, BYU Art Express, UVU Art Education Conference, daCi Utah Day of Dance; Granite, Jordan, Salt Lake, and Alpine School District’s Art Conferences; Integrated Art Experiences at Utah State, SUU’s Arts Fusion, UDEO and more. She loves promoting dance in elementary schools and especially enjoys watching the children create and express joy when they dance!