Workshop Descriptions

Comprehending Music

Session 5: Grades K-6

Music and Language Arts go hand in hand. We sing songs and often forget the words are texts. Musical texts are a wonderful trove of literature for students to explore. They can range from a simple sentence to full on narratives. In this k-6 session, teachers will be learning folk songs and singing games from a variety of sources. In addition, teachers will be shown ways of pulling comprehension strategies out of these songs, for seamless, effective music integration.

JoshJosh Roberts

Joshua Roberts graduated from Utah State University in 2012 with a major in Music Education and a K-6 endorsement. He is currently the Beverley Taylor Sorenson music specialist for Jordan School District. In this role he has taught at nine elementary schools and conducted multiple professional development sessions for the district's DARTs team. In his spare time he enjoys gardening and serves as an oboist for Salt Lake Symphonic Winds.