Tools for Young Artists - Springville Museum of Art

Session 5: Grades K-6

Come learn about the different materials offered to educators from the Springville Museum of Art! From poster and postcard sets to opportunities for tours, there are many resources available to help you and your students combine art with the Utah Core Standards. Learn how to utilize these materials in your classroom with a hands-on project led by two of our Educators, and leave with a set of resources to try with your own class.

Jacqueline Hennessey

Jacqueline Hennessey is the Museum Educator over Teacher Programs at the Springville Museum of Art. She is a recent graduate of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah where she received a BA in Interdisciplinary Humanities and a minor in Art History. Jacqueline develops curriculum and resources for K-12 educators in Utah. She enjoys traveling the state and connecting with teachers and students in the classroom.

Rebecca Till

Rebecca Till is the Museum Educator over Outreach Programs at the Springville Museum of Art. Rebecca has spent half of her life growing up in sunny San Diego and half of her life in Utah. She believes in pursuing purpose and turning dreams and ideas into realities. She spent a good amount of time living in Paris and is enchanted by French history of art, culture, and design. Rebecca graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Interdisciplinary Humanities with an emphasis in Art History.