Practical Ways to Improve Critical Thinking in Writing and Performing Arts

Session 1: Grades 1–6

This workshop will help teachers assist children in developing writing, thinking and preforming arts ability. They will develop options for problem-solving and critical thinking. Participants will gain teaching strategies and creative ideas. Dynamic activities that have been used successfully with children will be shared in this engaging, interactive presentation.

Practical Activities for Infusing Art in the Classroom

Session 3: Grades 1–6

This workshop will share practical suggestions and materials that can be used immediately in the classroom to infuse art into the curriculum. Many activities and resources that have been used successfully in art classrooms, gifted and title 1 programs will be shared. Participants will have a chance to experience multiple intelligences in the preforming arts as well as in other types of art. Join author Nathan Levy in this uniquely different presentation.

Nathan Levy

Nathan Levy

Nathan Levy is a dynamic educator, author, and speaker. He has been a successful teacher, principal, gifted coordinator and supervisor of instruction in urban, suburban, and rural school districts. In his role as consultant, Nathan continues to be a hands-on demonstrator of effective techniques for educating children. Mr. Levy currently tours internationally sharing his expertise and knowledge. He has written more than 40 books that are used in thousands of classrooms and homes on six continents. His books include Not Just Schoolwork, Write from the Beginning, There Are Those, The Whose Clues, Intriguing Questions, and the famous Stories With Holes series. His newest books, Creativity Day By Day, Thinkology, and Thinking and Writing Activities for the Brain have been well received by educators and parents. Nathan Levy is in high demand as a consultant to private and public schools in the areas of critical and creative thinking, writing, science and math teaching, differentiation, gifted, hard-to-reach learners, and leadership. Nathan Levy is a past president of the New Jersey Association of Gifted Children. In addition to speaking at conferences and events throughout the United States, Mr. Levy has recently spoken as a guest speaker in England, Vancouver BC , Dubai, Prague, the Philippines, Tasmania, and at The Learning Brain Expo in San Francisco and New York.