Workshop Descriptions

Get Immersed in Moving Stories: AR and VR Storytelling in the Classroom

Sessions 1: Grades 3-6

Showcasing our newest interactive presentation that brings Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to your classroom and demonstrates how these immersive technologies can be used to create impactful stories. You will learn the differences and similarities between traditional films and VR films, watch a short VR documentary, create AR content, and discuss how you can bring the virtual into your reality. No equipment necessary.

Tackling Media Literacy through Film and Filmmaking in your Classroom

Sessions 2: Grades 3-6

Media literacy skills (the who, how, and why behind media creation) are essential for students to be informed and successfully navigate their world. Come discover how to harness the transformative potential of film and filmmaking to improve teaching practice and increase student engagement. By sharing compelling media, resources and some classroom tricks of the trade, a Utah Film Center media education instructor will take you through a skill-building activity and demonstrate how filmmaking combined with intentionally designed lesson plans can provide opportunities for students to acquire media skills while building upon their core content knowledge.

suziSuzi Montgomery

Suzi Montgomery is an educator and journalist with over a decade of experience. For seven years she served as the Executive Director of Higher Ground Learning, a creative tutoring and mentoring center focused on customized learning models. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Physical Anthropology from the University of Alberta and a Masters in French Literature and Teaching from the University of Utah. Her lifelong work in journalism and the documentary arts serves to tie together her diverse experience and interests in science and education: she is currently the Senior Producer of Science Questions (SQ) Radio- a science radio show on Utah Public Radio, and the Program Director for SHIFT, originally an independent non-profit and now a part of the Education Department (FilmEDU) at the Utah Film Center, working to support other educators integrating filmmaking and the digital media arts into classrooms across the Wasatch Front.