Weaving Math Concepts

Sessions 1 & 2: Grades K-6

Weaving can be a hands-on way to review, practice, and learn math. Participants in this workshop will create simple looms, then learn basic weaving techniques while discovering how the teaching of different stitches can allow students to practice various math concepts. This workshop will include math curriculum for K-6 students including: counting, addition, subtraction, patterning, and even algebraic expressions. Participants will also learn about weaving as a visual art-form with rich cultural ties around the world and will view professional art examples.

Tara CarpenterTara Carpenter Estrada

Tara Carpenter has taught students at all levels, from pre-k to continuing education.  She is a mixed-media artist who has had her work   exhibited locally and nationally.  She currently teaches in the Art Education area at Brigham Young University.  Tara has developed new programming at BYU called "Jumpst(ART)," introducing BYU students  to new art techniques and having them teach those techniques to elementary students in an after-school art class.


Jayme GandaraJayme Gandara

Jayme Gandara is a graduate of Brigham Young University and has taught fourth and fifth grades in the Provo School District. She has a strong belief in integrating the arts into her daily classroom settings. She uses process dramas to teach history, incorporates music into math lessons and teaches visual art techniques using printmaking, scientific drawings, sketching, cartooning, watercolors and oil pastels.  Her students study the works of Van Gogh, Joan Miro and others. She is also a recipient of her school's Golden Apple Award.