Expressional Fluency for grades 3-6... and their teachers!

Session 4: Grades 3-6

You've all seen it (or done it)! Students memorize 4-6 lines for a narrator "part" in the Utah/50 States/Egypt/Gold Rush/(Insert Your Unit Musical Program Title here) Students speak too quickly, slur words, make no sense of the text and (admit it!) bore the audience to tears. No matter how you coach them students can't seem to move beyond the Droning Robot Voice, be it in a program, a book report, or the science fair presentation. This workshop addresses helping students to express themselves clearly, and authentically, in ways that are physically and theatrically sound. This is a practical, skill building workshop.

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Teresa Love

Teresa Love has been working as a drama/theatre specialist for over 30 years. Her work on the innovative Provo Integrated Arts Project--arts in-service and curriculum--lead her to Los Angeles where she was a founding partner in two Theatre-in-Education/Theatre for Young Audience groups. For 17 years she was artistic director of Imagination Company, a touring theatre of adult professional actors who performed specifically for children. IMCO reached an audience of over four million children, mostly school populations. She has been invited to present at Arts Express for the past 11 years.

Teresa was an in-classroom specialist with the Fullerton, California School District, and she worked with the Children’s Museum of Los Angeles on the Reading Edge program. She currently teaches at BYU in the Theatre and Media Arts Department, instructing preservice teachers in the course Drama in the Elementary School Classroom, as well teaching courses in storytelling and theatre education preparation. She participates as a professional development partner with the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Project. Her most recent directing projects are Anne of Green Gables at BYU and Tamales and Roses for Utah Valley University.