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Arts Field Friday provides a day of arts and art integration ideas for Elementary Education Majors.

As preparation for their Arts Field Friday, Elementary Education students currently enrolled in the framing seminar (ELED 331) had several experiences to focus on the Arts core classes during Winter semester. During the semester, they participated in guest lectures from Marilyn Berrett (Dance) and Jerry Jaccard (Music), that explored how the arts inform aspects of teaching and learning.

As part of the semester, the students also participated in an Arts Field Friday which represented a collaborative effort between the McKay School of Education, College of Fine Arts and Communications and the BYU ARTS Partnership. The purpose of the Field Friday was to give students a hands-on experience with the various art areas in relation to a common story. The activities of the day were centered on Jane Yolen’s retelling of the Russian folktale of The Firebird.

Throughout the day, students participated in various rotations with each of the arts areas. Led by Mark Graham from visual arts, students learned about Russian artists and created artwork representing various aspects of the story. Jerry Jaccard from music worked with the students on depicting the musical storyline behind Stravinsky’s Firebird suite. Marilyn Berrett involved the students in creating dance sequences that represented the action packed language from various children’s stories of the Firebird, and Julia Ashworth and Teresa Love, from Theatre and Media Arts engaged students in various drama based activities that represented the characters from the storyline. During lunch, the students and faculty members participated in a panel discussion addressing how the arts are incorporated in elementary schools and discussed ways that the students as future teachers could advocate and incorporate the arts into their teaching. The day culminated with several performances from each rotation group representing the activities of the day.

To learn more, check out the Arts Field Friday Panel Discussion.

Arts Field Friday integrating four art forms with the book, The Firebird