Financial assistance is available through federal grants and loans. For assistance or questions regarding financial aid contact the McKay School of Education's Director of Student Services, Brandan Beerli.

Each student who is officially admitted to the EIME program is awarded financial assistance in three forms:

  1. A tuition stipend that covers the full cost of BYU tuition each year
  2. A one-half-time research assistantship ($19,000 per academic year) for which students are expected to work 20 hours per week under the tutelage of a professor
  3. Funds to help offset the costs of health insurance for the student and their dependents

This funding is provided to each student annually for a maximum of three years as long as they are enrolled as a full-time student and making satisfactory progress towards completion of the EIME PhD program. To be enrolled full-time, students must register for at least 9.0 credit hours each semester during Fall and Winter semesters and at least 6.0 credit hours in either Spring or Summer term. Students who do not graduate within a three-year period are not assured of funding beyond this three-year limit.

Federal Aid Resources

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

MSE Student Services