The EIME PhD program is designed to provide students with a balance between depth and breadth and between theory and practice in educational research. The EIME program consists of six interrelated components that provide a common core as well as choice and flexibility to accommodate the needs and interests of individual students.

1. A set of required core courses

The program is designed to help PhD students

  • better understand the nature, limits, and sources of human inquiry and knowledge, and
  • become proficient in planning, conducting, and interpreting the findings of educational research and inquiry methods.

2. A content-area focus

Each EIME doctoral student must develop a content-area focus in one of four cross-disciplinary specialty areas taught in the David O. McKay School of Education.

3. Additional elective courses

EIME students choose courses which will allow them to gain

  • a deeper understanding of the foundations of education, and
  • expertise in selecting and using appropriate inquiry methods and analytical tools.

4. A community of inquiry

EIME candidates participate as members of a learning community established to foster the dispositions they need to become contributing professionals as educational researchers, program evaluators, policy analysts, assessment specialists, and/or professors.

5. Mentored internships and apprenticeship opportunities

Students gain practical experience in applying the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they are developing in the program.

6. A capstone experience

Students complete a dissertation that involves practical experience in designing, conducting, and reporting the results of an inquiry study.