Faculty and Doctoral Student Research

The Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation PhD program encourages faculty and PhD students to participate in educational research. The students are assigned to work with BYU faculty members on research during each semester of their enrollment.

The culmination of student experience in the EIME PhD program is a doctoral dissertation. The dissertation may focus on a substantive problem in the student's content area of specialization or on an unresolved methodological issue. In either case, the study should make a clear contribution to educational research and inquiry methods.

As doctoral students work toward their dissertations or other research projects, we invite them to share their research on this page. BYU faculty research and links to other educational research are also available through links on this page.

Educational Research Spotlights

EIME doctoral student Timothy Walker was awarded first place in the sociology/graduate student category and level for his research poster displayed at the Mary Lou Fulton Mentored Research Conference held at BYU. Click here to see Tim's award-winning research poster.

Nari Carter, a student in the Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation PhD program, wrote a thesis article, "Educators' Perceptions of Collaborative Planning Processes for Students with Disabilities," which has been published in the 2009 fall edition of the scholarly journal Preventing School Failure. Click here to access the full PDF version of Nari's article.

Other Resources

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