Focus and Contribution


As part of their mentored experience, all EIME PhD students must complete a doctoral dissertation (18 credits) under the guidance of a doctoral advisory chair and committee. The dissertation may focus on a substantive problem in the student's content area of specialization or an unresolved methodological issue. In either case, the study should make a clear contribution to Educational Research and Inquiry Methods in education.

Dissertation Advisory Committee

Professors in the McKay School of Education or in other BYU departments who have a dual appointment in the EIME program may chair a student's dissertation advisory committee. Committee members may be selected from professors in any academic department in the university who have graduate faculty status and the background and expertise needed to provide guidance to the student on the problem being investigated. Qualified professionals from other institutions may also serve as committee members if approved by the BYU Office of Graduate Studies.

Faculty Eligible to Serve on Thesis and Dissertation Committees
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