Required Courses (27 credit hours)

Methodology Electives (at least 12 credit hours) Foundations of Inquiry

Designs for Inquiry (at least one course must be completed in this area)

Qualitative and Quantitative Methods (at least one course must in completed in this area)

Educational Measurement and Evaluation

Content Area Specialty (one of the five, at least 12 credit hours) 1. The Preparation and Development of Educators

Required courses:

  • TEd 611: Theories of Learning and Teaching
  • TEd 612: Teacher Learning, Development, and Mentoring
  • TEd 613: Curriculum Theory, Design, and Assessment

Elective courses (Complete at least one of the following):

  • TEd 610: Foundations of Techer Education
  • TEd 660: History of Teaching and Teacher Education
  • TEd 661: Classroom as Culture and Knowledge System
  • TEd 665: Best Practices in Teacher Education
  • CPSE 605: Ethics, Professional Roles, and Standards
  • CPSE 611: Special Education Law, Regulations, and Policies
  • CPSE 618: Ethics, Professional Conduct, and Legal Issues in Special Education

2. Language, Literacy, and Communication

Required courses

Elective courses (At least 9 additional credits selected from the following):

  • TEd 603: Content-Area Literacy Instruction
  • TEd 622: Literacy Development and Instruction
  • TEd 623: Reading Comprehension Instruction
  • ComD 630: Early Child Language Intervention
  • ComD 679: School-Age Language Disorders

3. Learning and Instruction

Required courses (6 credit hours including two of these three):

  • CPSE 622: Principles and Theories of Learning
  • IP&T 620: Principles of Learning
  • TEd 611: Theories of Learning and Teaching

Elective courses (At least 6 additional credit hours selected from the following):

4. Social-emotional Development and Intervention

Required course:

Elective courses (At least 9 additional credit hours selected from the following):

  • CPSE 614: Applied Behavioral Assessment and Intervention
  • CPSE 655: Crisis Intervention
  • CPSE 693R: Directed Individual Study
  • MFHD 660: Child and Adolescent Socialization

5. Education Policy Analysis

Required courses (9 credit hours):

Elective courses (at least one of the following 3-credit hour courses):

  • EDLF 657: Language, Policy, and Education
  • EDLF 661: Education and International Development
  • EDLF 663: Education, Culture, and Economic Development
  • EDLF 662: Comparative and International Development Education
  • EDLF 655: Social History of American Education

Seminars (4 @ 0.5 credits each = 2 credit hours)

During the Fall and Winter Semesters in each of their first two years in the program, each student is expected to enroll in EIME 690R, a 0.5 credit hour seminar that meets for one hour each week.

Internships (2 @ 3 credits each = 6 hours)

Each student is expected to complete two internship experiences selected from the following list of six.

Dissertation (18 credit hours)

In addition to completing their coursework, each student is expected to design and conduct an original research study as a dissertation.

Total (77 credit hours)