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Creating a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

An FBA is a systematic process of examining problem behavior. Identifying the function of the behavior. Understanding its relationship to context.

Most problem behaviors may be classified as:

C - Communication 
A - Acknowledgment
S - Sensory
E - Escape/Avoid

(Jerome & Mukemal, 2000)


Often children who are unable to express their thoughts and desires use problem behavior as a way to communicate.


Everyone wants to be noticed by the people that mean the most to them. Problem behavior can be a way for children to request being noticed.

Sensory Needs

Sensory development may be affected by a child's disability. Many of the sensory needs children have as infants are intensified and continue into older ages with children with disabilities.


Problem behavior can make it possible for children to avoid something that they don't desire or something they don't want to do.

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