The educator assigned to direct an arts program in an elementary or secondary school is the number one factor in determining the impact and success of that program. Teachers who feel connected, inspired, and supported are best prepared to meet the demands of a job in public education and serve the individual needs of their students. Support your arts educators by:

  • providing opportunities for professional development
  • guiding them to resources and networking opportunities
  • facilitating mentoring at the school and district level
  • introducing them to partnership opportunities that support student enrichment

The following is a list of local, state, and national online services and other opportunities offered by professional organizations to support teachers of the arts in elementary and secondary public schools.

Supporting Elementary and Secondary Art Educators

Highly qualified arts educators and elementary arts specialists need inspiration and networking time with other highly qualified artists, educators, and professionals. This list will take you to the art form specific pages describing the type of professional development opportunities available at the local, state, and national level from professional arts education organizations and POPS organizations.

Supporting Elementary Classroom Teachers

Elementary classroom teachers can also receive professional development in the arts as they too need inspiration and networking time with highly qualified artists, educators, and professionals. While elementary classroom teachers would be welcome at any of the art form specific professional development functions, this list provides information on opportunities tailored specifically for general elementary classroom teachers looking to improve their classroom and school culture through the inclusion of the arts.


POPS groups are professional arts organizations in Utah that receive funding from the Utah State Legislature to provide per formances, workshops, demonstrations, and arts experiences for students in the K–12 schools. (Read details on services offered by POPS in each of the following art form specific sections or at POPS organizations also provide free and subsidized opportunities for teacher development in arts skills and pedagogy. Performance matinees, museum tours, and field trips are often free as well, however, busing costs may need to be covered by the school. Additionally, inclusive arts programing for students with disabilities is offered by Art Access ( and the Inclusive Arts Festival.


(Visit for more details.)

UDAM encourages partnerships in the classroom between teachers and professional artists to increase active student engagement in the creative process by offering Arts Learning Grants up to $7,000. Teachers are encouraged to partner with artists as a tool for professional development as well. UDAM also offers a Teacher-Initiated Project grant that gives teachers the opportunity to study one-on-one with a professional artist. TIPs provide teachers a chance to develop their skill and passion in the art form of their choice.

UDAM provides a limited number of site-specific professional development workshops in the arts. School faculty determine the discipline and instructional plan and UDAM funds the presenter. UDAM further partners with multiple arts organizations to offer professional development workshops in dance, music, theater, and visual arts throughout the state.

UDAM maintains a roster of approved teaching artists in dance, music, theater, visual arts, media arts, folk arts and creative writing. Artists are selected for both artistic and educational excellence. UDAM additionally offers technical assistance in writing grants, developing long-term arts education goals and access to prevailing research in arts education. Advocacy tools produced by UDAM such as the Ten Lessons the Arts Teach, the arts/science brochure, and a parent arts education advocacy booklet can be shipped to schools upon request.

Arts Learning Grant

  • Provides funding for interactive and comprehensive arts education-based projects where a qualified teaching artist(s) works with a specific community population, organization, or school
  • $2,000–$7,000
  • Due in March

Teacher-Initiated Project Grant

  • Provides opportunities for teachers or administrators to gain knowledge and skills in an artistic discipline of their choice by working one-on-one with an artist
  • Up to $500
  • Available year-round

BYU ARTS Partnership Professional Development

Other resources for Elementary and Secondary Teachers

Online Arts Resources for Teachers

Conferences with an Arts Education Focus

Arts and Arts Integration



Media Arts


Visual Arts

Professional Outreach Program in the Schools (POPS)

A consortium of professional arts organizations that receive funding from the Utah State Legislature to provide performances, workshops, demonstrations, and arts experiences for students in Utah's schools