Name Graduation Employment Specialities Contact Info.
Candilyn Newell 2018 University Sports Psych Performance, Career
Albert Soto 2017 Brown University CC Multicultural Psych, research
Clay Frandsen 2016 Accessibility Center Psych Assessment
Natalie Kirtley 2016 BYU CAPS Sports Psychology
Troy Lea 2016 Private Practice Couples, Families, Children
Luke Marvin 2016 Private Practice Postpartum depression, ADHD
Danita Williams 2016 State Psychiatric Hospital College health, group
Nate Page 2015 Carleton College CC College health, group
Heather Stephenson 2015 Private Practice College Mental Health, Suicidality
Stephanie Deverich 2014 Private Practice Anxiety and OCD
Jared Klundt 2014 BYU CAPS Generalist
Kristina Hansen 2012 BYU CAPS/CPSE Group Psychoterapy, women's issues
Jason Katzenbach 2012 VA Puget Sound Integrative Primary Care
Colton Miller 2011 University of Missouri Anxiety Disorders: OCD, CBT, Outreach
Dave Dayton 2011 Private Practice in Arlington, VA
Hoku Conklin 2011 University of California, San Diego Multicultural Issues, Career Counseling, Outreach, Anxiety, Men's Issues
Dylan Matsumori 2011 University of North Texas College Counseling Career Counseling, Outreach Coordinator, Anxiety
Marie Worsham 2010 Southern Utah and Lion's Gate Recovery Addiction Treatment Counseling
Jeremy Bartz 2009 Stanford University Pain Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Pain Management, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Trauma
Chris Peck 2009 Private Practice Psychology Anxiety Spectrum, Depression, Sexual Compulsions, Marriage & Family Therapy
Suzanne Plowman 2008 Alpine School District Behavior Specialist & Solo Psychotherapy/Assessment Private Practice Marriage, Family, and Parenting Issues; Women's Issues; Behavior Modification; Evaluations—Autism Spectrum, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health; Special Education
Kara Harmon 2008 Post Doctoral Associate, University of Florida Counseling Center
Ryan Balagna 2008 Alliance Behavioral Psychology Orem; Adjunct Faculty at UVU
Maraia S. Weingarten 2007 Utah Valley University College Prep for Teens, TA/NLP, Grant-Writing
Samuel Tobler 2007 United States Air Force, Chief of the Mental Health Clinic at Mountain Home Air Force Base Insomnia, Pain Management, Biofeedback, Anxiety, Mood, Sexual Addictions, Family Violence, Military Psychology, PTSD
Melissa H. Smith 2006 Assistant Clinical Director, Center for Change, Orem, UT Eating Disorders, Trauma, Spirituality, Attachment Concerns, Adoption
Paul A. Downs 2006 California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, California Institution for Women Clinical Psychology in Forensic settings (various), Positive Behavioral Support and the Recovery Model for Inpatient Treatment, Educational and Psychological Assessments, Counseling Psychology, School Counseling Psychology
Neil O. Annandale 2006 UNLV Student Counseling and Psychological Services Couples, Group, Student Veterans, Career, School Psychology
Karen Evans 2005 Coordinator, University Advisement Center, Brigham Young University Developmental Issues of College Students; Career Counseling; Presenting Problems in Counseling Centers
Justin Poll 2005 Senior Research Associate, Intermountain Healthcare Quality of Life Research, Organizational Change & Development Research
Kathy Stott Bitner 2005 Alpine School District
Lisa M. Leavitt 2005 BYU Counseling and Career Center Women’s Issues
Roger H. Belisle 2005 Assistant Professor of Forensic Psychology; Marymount University Integrative Models of Personality, Psychopathology, & Criminal Behavior.  The Application of Psychology to the Investigative & Operational Aspects of Criminal Justice
Alan Hansen 2004 Canyon Counseling Center Couples, PTSD, Sexual Addictions
Shawn C. Edgington 2004 Private Practice, Canyon Counseling Center
Scott D. Owen 2004 Private Practice, Canyon Counseling Center Theistic Therapy, OCD, Sexually Compulsive Behaviors, SSA  
Wade Lueck 2004 Professor of Psychology, Mesa Community College; Private Practice Private Practice, Organizational Consultation
Jared Dinehart 2004 Private Practice Counseling & Psychological Services; Clinical Director, Adjunct Professor Adult Outpatient (Panic, Sex Addiction, Anxiety, Mood)
Phillip Rash 2004 Brigham Young University; Private Practice Academic and Career Counseling, Sexual Concerns, Body Image and Anxiety Disorders
Eric G. Orr 2003 BYU––Hawaii Counseling Services