Application Deadline

February 5 for early acceptance and scholarship applicants required to be admitted into a program before scholarship awards; August 1 for final deadline.

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  • CPSE 203 (can be taken as early as freshman year)
  • CPSE 410
  • CPSE 480
  • MthEd 305
  • MthEd 306

These courses must be completed prior to beginning the special education program, along with 20 hours of volunteer work: 10 hours each in a mild/moderate and a severe disabilities setting. Most of these prerequisites are available Fall & Winter semesters.

* Fingerprint background clearance is required to add CPSE courses. Please contact Education Advisement Center (350 MCKB) for more information.

Successfully pass the three basic skills using the following available tests (minimum scores listed):


Students who are accepted must enter the program during the Fall semester for which they applied. Those who are planning on serving a mission at the time they apply should specify the first Fall semester they will return to BYU.

Applicants must commit to taking all coursework in sequence as listed, including spring term. In this program, each student is assigned to an emphasis cohort that takes all courses together in the outlined sequence. Deviation from this sequence is not permitted nor available. (Courses are scheduled one semester per year.) The program starts each fall semester. 

Repeat Applications

Each applicant may apply twice.

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