We are your

first line of support

for all technology needs.

The ECS team is the primary technology support for the McKay School faculty and staff. With services ranging from software subscription management to teaching technology skills, we're here to help YOU.

Contact Information

Office: 188 MCKB

Email: ecs@byu.edu

Phone: (801) 422-7796

Hours of Operation


8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(excluding holidays and devotionals)

For IT support or a new computer transfer Schedule an Appointment 

Ways We Support

Tech for Teaching

We help faculty use technology effectively in teaching. Including general AV (audio/visual) support.

Hardware Assistance

We assist with computer transfers and provide hardware like adapters, mouses, monitors, etc.

Tech Support

We provide general tech support, including email set-up and connecting to wifi.

Computer Labs

We manage the McKay school computer labs found in the TEC Lab and the RB.

Data Services

We offer data backup, recovery, and transfer assistance.

Software Management

We handle software inventory, licenses, and subscriptions.

For additional help or in an emergency, contact BYU's Office of Information Technology at support.byu.edu or call 801-422-4000

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