To successfully complete this task, you must have a Google account and be able to complete the skills shown below. Listed below are skills you will need to know to complete the assessment. Also provided, is a link to a list of helpful hints. 


  1. Take a screen shot of your entire computer screen. Be able to open it as a picture (remember, screen shots are different on Mac and Windows).
  2. Use an editing program you are familiar with - or one you take a few minutes to learn right now (i.e. Creative Kit on Google+ , Photoshop, iPiccy , etc.) to crop and resize the picture to specific size (for example 400 x 400).
  3. Create a Google hangout.
  4. Create a 10-20 second mp4 screencast using screencast-o-matic or any other screencasting program. If practicing in the TEC Lab, the program is already downloaded onto the computers. If practicing on another computer, you can access the program by going to
  5. Upload a file to and share a dropbox folder.
  6. Convert a video file to MP4 using Handbrake, MPEG Streamclip or any other program.
  7. If you need a sample video or audio file, click here