To successfully complete this task, you must be able to complete the skills shown below. A sample task is also provided so you can practice the skills before taking the technology assessment. You may complete the task on your own or you may choose to go through our Helpful Hints . The content and data needed for this assignment will be provided as well.

Practice Example:

Create a Jeopardy with Microsoft PowerPoint to use with your students. The presentation should look similar to the example shown on the right (same layout, colors, font, etc). Save your presentation as a file called "jeopardy.ppt," and be sure to save often. Make sure you include the following elements:

  • Gray background
    • Text throughout: White, 44 point Arial font
    • Text in table: Black, 24 point Arial font
  • Insert shape on first slide
  • Narration for the first slide
  • Automatic slide transition from first slide to second
  • Link from one PPT slide to another (create the jeopardy game)
    • Link "Art for 100" to slide 4
    • Link "What are red, yellow, and blue?" to slide 2.
  • Embed a video file that plays automatically on slide 3 (if you need a sample video click here
  • A picture of a color wheel on slide 4 (find with Google)
    • Make the picture a hyperlink to the URL of the image

Here is an example of how your slide order should look:

(The slides in your PowerPoint should be in this order. If you follow the instructions for linking slides, then it becomes possible to make your PowerPoint present in the order displayed in the example presentation.)