EdS School Psychology: Faculty

The School Psychology Program faculty includes full-time faculty from the Department of Counseling Psychology and Special Education and assigned faculty from the BYU Counseling and Career Center who hold a joint appointment within the Department. Other licensed psychologists from campus and the community teach specialty classes as appropriate.

Full-time Faculty

Fischer, Lane, PhD, University of Minnesota, 1991. Associate Professor. Department Chair, School Psychology Core Faculty. Psychometrics, assessment of psychopathology, child and adolescent psychotherapy, spirituality & psychotherapy, ethics. (lane_fischer@byu.edu)

Gabrielsen, Terisa P., PhD, University of Utah, 2012. Associate Professor. School Psychology Core Faculty. Autism, ADHD, interdisciplinary assessment and intervention, health care and education, gifted education. (terisa_gabrielsen@byu.edu)

Heath, Melissa Allen, PhD, Texas A&M University, 1996. Professor. School Psychology Core Faculty. Bibliotherapy, grief, school-based crisis intervention. (melissa_allen@byu.edu)

Jackson, Aaron P., PhD, University of Missouri Columbia, 1993. Associate Professor. Academic and career development of Native Americans, counseling philosophy and theory. (aaron_jackson@byu.edu)

Smith, Timothy B., PhD, Utah State University, 1997. Professor. School Psychology Core Faculty. Multicultural psychology, spirituality,identity development, quality relationships. (tim_smith@byu.edu)

Young, Ellie L., PhD, University of South Florida, 2001. Associate Professor. School Psychology Program Coordinator, Core Faculty. Positive behavioral support in secondary settings, gender issues in education, self-concept. (ellie_young@byu.edu)

Allen, G. E. Kawika, PhD, University of Missouri, 2011. Assistant Professor. Multicultural psychology, counseling/psychotherapy process and outcome, religiosity/spirituality, psychological well-being/adjustment, specifically among Polynesians. (gekawika_allen@byu.edu)

Nancy Miramontes, EdS, Brigham Young University, 2010. Assistant Clinical Professor. Bilingual assessment. (nancy_miramontes@byu.edu)

Joint Appointment Clinical Faculty (CPSE Department & CCC)

Griner, Derek, PhD, Brigham Young University, 2008. Associate Clinical Professor. Individual and group psychotherapy, couples counseling, multicultural counseling, supervision, disability service. (derek_griner@byu.edu)

Hansen, Kristina, PhD, Brigham Young University, 2018. Associate Clinical Professor. Individual and Group, Psychotherapy, Identity Development, Anxiety and Depression, Women's Issues, Diversity and Multicultural Issues, Training and Supervision. (kristina_hansen@byu.edu)

Nielsen, Lars, PhD, University of Washington, 1984. Clinical Professor and Psychologist. Individual and group psychotherapy, Training and supervision, Teaching, Psychological and neuropsychological assessment teaching. (stevan_nielsen@byu.edu)

Wheeler, Louise, PhD, Brigham Young University, 2017. Assistant Clinical Professor and Psychologist, SDS, CAPS. (louise_wheeler@byu.edu).

Worthen, Vaughn E., PhD, University of Kansas, 1993. Clinical Professor and Psychologist. Career counseling, counseling supervision. (vaughan_worthen@byu.edu)

Joint Appointment Clinical Faculty (CPSE Department & CITES)

Caldarella, Paul, PhD, Utah State University, 1998. Professor. Joint Appointment Faculty (CPSE and CITES), Licensed Psychologist (UT) and Utah Certified School Psychologist. Teaches ethics, professional roles and standards, and thesis. Serves as the Executive Director of BYU Positive Behavior Support Initiative. (paul_caldarella@byu.edu)