All SEEL Lessons

"X" Marks the Spot
A Bag for Rags
A Bag That Snags Rags
A Band for Your Hand
A Band That Blends
A Bank For Frank
A Box for Fox
A Box for Socks
A Brisk Walk in the Crisp Air
A Brown Crown
A Cellar For Cinderella
A Claw and a Paw Can Draw
A Crow Can Caw and Draw
A Cup for a Pup
A Dime for a Lime Drink
A Dress for Bess
A Fat Bat
A Firefly's Light at Night
A Fly Tries a Fry
A for the Acrobat
A Fun Run
A Girl with Dirt on Her Skirt
A Goat Moans and Groans
A Gorgeous Gown
A Green Gown
A Horse, Of Course
A House for a Mouse
A Job for Bob
A Kid Slid a Lid
A Kid Slid a Lid!
A Nut in a Hut
A on a Flat Mat
A Pail on a Trail
A Paper Ship Trip
A Pig Can Dig
A Pig Likes Her Wig
A Pretend Ship Trip
A Prize from a Prince
A Quest to Rest in a Nest
A Rat, a Cat, or a Bat
A Rip Strip Pizza
A Skit to Make a Banana Split
A Slew of Screws
A Slick Trick with a Stick
A Smile or a Smirk?
A Snack and Shake Shack
A Snail in a Pail
A Snout Made from a Spout
A Space to Trace
A Sprout Sprouts Out
A Stick Bug and a Click Bug
A Stick to Lick
A Stone in a Cone
A Tan Gingerbread Man
A Toad Tries to Float
A Trail for a Snail
A Turtle Can Surf
A Whale For Sale and a Snail to Mail
A Wig for a Pig
Absent Animals
Achoo Andy
Admire the A
Admire the Acrobats
Adventure in the Attic
Ai Trail
Ants in my Plants
Ap Map
Ape Cape
Art Cart
B Banner
B Bingo
B Bowling
B Bracelet
Baby Black Bat
Backpack Race
Bad Kitty
Bad Kitty Tad
Bake a Cake
Banana Split Kit
Bank with a Crank
Barbara's Banana Bread
Barbara's Best Bakery
Bat Gets Fat
Be Brave in a Cave
Bell and Shell Store
Best Dressed
Best Nest
Big Beach Bag
Big Blue Banner
Birthday Bear
Bit by Bit
Black Bats
Blobs and Globs
Blocks in the Box
Bloom and Zoom
Blooms and Brooms in Rooms
Blow and Throw Snow
Blow the Snow
Blue Banner
Bob the Slob
Boil or Broil
Book on a Hook
Bounce the B Ball
Bowl the Ball
Brave in a Cave
Bread Spread
Break Brown Bread
Bright Brass Brads
Bright Night
Bugs in Mugs
Build New Words
Bumpy Bus
Buzz the Bear
C Caterpillar
C in the Clouds
Cakes, Cookies, and Candy
Call for the Ball
Caramel Cookies
Care for a Bear
Cart at the Mart
Cat Likes Hats
Catch and Match the Eggs
Catch the Catfish
Catch the Key
Catching Catfish
Chad Had the Doodad
Charlie Chomps and Chews
Cheer for the Champion
Cheerios and Children
Chew and Chomp
Chew with Charlie
Chimpanzees and Chickens
Chip and Chop
Chip and Dip
Chip Factory
Chirp and Perch
Choose a Chain
Clair Goes to the Fair
Clang Bang Ding Dong
Clay Day
Clay Play
Clips for Chips
Cloth and Thread
Clowns Fall Down
Cluttered Closet
Cody Likes Candy
Cones and Zones
Cook Gook
Cooking Caramel Cookies
Cover that Cat
Cow Chow
Crab Crew Crawl
Create a Crazy Cap
Creep and Sneak
Creepy Crawly Creatures
Creepy, Squeaky House
Crinkle and Crackle
Crumbly Cracker Crust
Crunch and Crack
Crunch and Make a Bunch of Punches!
Crunch and Munch
Crunching Kyle
D for a Dollar
Dad is Glad
Dan the Gingerbread Man
Dan the Gingerbread Man's Plan
Did a Butterfly Fly By?
Dig Dig Dig
Ding a Ling
Ding a Ling Ding
Dip and Dunk That D
Dip the Chip
Dirt Will Not Hurt the Shirt
Dirty Dishes
Do As I Am Doing
Do As I'm Doing
Do Dirty Dishes
Do Not Wake a Snake
Dog, Frog, and Hog on a Log
Dollar Drop
Dollar Store
Don't Double Dip
Don't Sit on It
Don't Spit a Bit
Don't Stray or Go Away
Dot to Dot
Dot, Dot, Who Has Got the Dot
Dress Mess
Dried or Fried Food
Drip Drip Drop
Drip Drop
Drop a Dollar for a Daisy
Drum, Hum, and Strum
Drumming and Strumming
Dynamic Dot Bingo
Dynamite Dot Bingo
E Everywhere
Eggs and Ham
Eggs Everywhere
Eight Reindeer
Elegant E
Escape the Shape
Excellent Explorers
Exercise with E
Exercise with Energy
Expanding Engine
Explore for a Chore
Explore the Shore
Exploring for E
Face to Face Race
Fake Rake
Fake Snake
Far Star
Fare to Go to the Fair
Fat Bat
Fat Bat (TEST)
Fat Cat Matt
Fat Hat
Feed the Ram
Feed the Seed
Fell in a Well
Female and Male Mail Carriers
Fill a Sock
Fill and Spill
Fill the Balloon Fuller
Fill the Cup
Find a Family of Fish
Find a Slot in the Parking Lot
Find I in the Igloo
Find the Dollar
Find the Thimble
Fish in the Dish
Fit F on the Fish
Fit Fins on a Fish
Fit the Fin on the Fish
Five Little Ducks Get Stuck
Fix the Six
Fix the X Box
Flee from a Bee
Flee from the Bees!
Flick the Stick
Fly a Flag
Fly a Kite Tonight
Fly Away from My Pie
Fran's Funny Frame
Frog on a Log
Fun Run
Fun with the Sun
Funny Frame
Fuzz Frenzy
Fuzz Frenzy Dance
Game of Rag Tag
Get a Jet in the Net
Get a Pet to the Vet
Get a Wet Pet
Get E in the Net
Get Fit
Get Rid of the Lid
Get Set to Jet
Get the Pet in the Net
Get the Pet to the Vet
Get the Pet Wet
Get to the Word Factory
Give a Bug a Hug
Give the Gift
Glad, Sad, Mad
Go and Hoe a Row
Go for the Gold
Go Get the Gold
Go On a Pogo Stick
Go on a Pogo Stick
Go Slowly As You Mow
Go Zoom on a Spooky Ride
Gobble the G
Gobbling Gorilla
Going on a Frog Jog
Goodnight Teddy Bear
Goop and Goo
Gorgeous Green Gown
Grab a Crab
Grab a Rag
Grab Bag
Grab Like a Crab
Greedy Gorilla
Green and Gold Glasses
Green Means Go
Grilled Goose
Grow Green Grass
Grub Cub
Grub for Chub the Cub
H Hanger
Hair Can Dry in the Air
Hand with Sand
Help a Hungry Hippo
Hen Pen
Henry the Hungry Hippo
Hippo's Hat
Hit It
Hit the Mitt
Hold the Gold
Hop Hop Stop
Hop to a Popcorn Shop
Hop to the Pop Shop
Hot H
Hot Holiday Hotcakes
Hot or Not Hot
Hot or Not Hot (formerly A Robot Trots on Dots)
Hot Robot
Hound from the Pound
Hug a Bug
Hug a Hiding Bug
Hum, Drum, and Strum
Hungry Hippo
Hurry and Scurry
I Can Do That Too
I Drew a Few Screws
I Hope to Go to the Ski Slope
I Like to Lick a Candy Stick
I Like to Swim
I Shriek as I Shrivel and Shrink
I Spy
Ick! A Tick
Icky Crazy Soup
Icky I
In the Bin
Incredible I
Inside the Igloo
Inspect Icky Insects
Ip Trip
Is It a Rat, a Cat, or a Bat?
Is the Cat at Bat?
It's T Time
J Jar
J Journey
Jake and His Cake
Jewelry, Jacket, and Jeans
Jiggle and Jive
Jiggle and Jive!
Jog on a Frog Hunt
Jog with J
Join a J Journey!
Join and Enjoy the Game
Jump onto the Stump
Jump to the Jacket
Jumping for Joy
K Kite
Kid with a Squid
Kid with the Squid
Kids in the Corner
Kindergarten Decode Hop to a Popcorn Shop
Kindergarten K Kit
Kindergarten Kit
King K
King K's Kite
King of K
King Tut
Kite Kit
Late Kate
Leo Lion Loves L
Leo Lion Loves Lunch
Let Leaves Land
Let Me Be
Let's Get a Pet
Let's Get Set
Letter X Marks the Spot
Light at Night
Like to Bike and Hike
Little Bo Peep and Her Lost Sheep
Little Leaping Leprechauns
Little Lions
Little Lions Like to Lick
Load a Boat with Goats
Looking for a Fat Bat
Loops for Leprechauns
Lost Lamb
Lost Luggage
Lots of Os in a Hot Pot
Luck Duck
Lucky Duck
Luke's Lost Luggage
Make a Cap
Make a Cap
Make a Fan
Make a Mess
Make a Monster Mask
Make a Pig Wig
Make a Ring with String
Make an Ig Wig
Make an M Mask
Make Cake
Make Dad Glad
Make Snake Shapes
Make Waves
Making Mud
Manatee in the Sea
Mare and Hare
Mark the Spot
Marshmallow Man
Match Cat with Cat and Can with Can
Meal for a Seal
Meet for a Treat
Messy Munching Mouse
Mice on Ice
Mix a Bit of Dip
Mix a Bit of Drink Mix
Monster Masks
Moose and Goose on the Loose
Mouse Mess
Mow Grass and Blow Leaves
Mr. Bones Needs Bones
Munch Lunch
Munching Mouse
Munching Mouse!
Mute That Flute
My Beak Can Eat
My Cow Can Bow
My Dog Slurps and Burps
Mystery Words
N Noodle Necklace
Naughty or Nice
Neat Necktie
Neat New Necktie
Neat Noodle Necklace
Nice and New
Nice Mice
Night Light
Nightingale's Nest
Nikki Nightingale Nest
Nikki Nightingale's New Nest
No More Mail Mess
No Way to Skate on Ice Today
Noodle Necklace
Not a Stick
Not Tall At All
Note Vote
Nut Hut
Nut in a Hut
O Omelet
Odd Omelet
Officer O
Oh Ostrich
On and Off Octopus
On and Off the Octagon
On Off Officer
On the Dock
One More Chore
Pack a Black Backpack
Paper Ship Trip
Park Your Car
Part of a Cart
Party with Pink Plates
Path to the Bath
Pay for Hay in May
Pay to Play
Pay to Spray
Pick a Pet
Pick the Stick
Pick Up Sticks
Pie, Pop, and Pears
Pig in a Wig
Pig Wig Jig
Piggyback to a Shack
Pin in a Bin
Pin the Fin
Pink and Purple Play Dough
Pink Plate Party
Pizza Puzzle
Plain Chain
Plan to Make a Fan
Play with Pink and Purple Play Dough
Players, Hitters, and Pitchers
Please Pass the Ps
Pleasing Plums
Plink Plunk Sunk
Plop and Flip Flop an Egg
Plum Pie
Pop Shop
Pop the Popcorn
Pop, Hop and Stop
Pretend Pennies
Pretend Pennies in the Pail
Pretend Ship Trip
Prize for Fries
Pump, Jump and Thump
Pup Cup
Pup Goes Up
Put a Rose to Your Nose
Put Ps in Pockets
Put Ps on Pretzels
Q Queen
Quack Back
Quails Go Quickly
Queen Jean Eats a Meal
Queen Quail
Queen's Quilt
Quick Quiet Questions
Quick! Pick up Sticks!
Quiet Questions
Quilt for a Queen
R Race
R Rescue
R Robe
R Rocks
Rabbit and Raccoon Rescue
Rabbits and Raccoons Rescue Roosters
Race from Base to Base
Race to a Face
Rag Bag
Rag Doll in a Rag Bag
Rag or Tag
Rag Tag Game
Rain Goes Down a Drain
Rap a Tap Tap
Ray and Rain
Red R Roses
Red Race Track
Red Roses
Rent a Tent
Rev the Red Race Car
Ride the Slide
Rings Ding and Sing
Rip a Strip of Pizza
Rip and Repair
Road Race
Rock by the Sock
Roll R Ribbons
Rose Pose
Rub a Rough R
Rug Race
Run Around the Roses
Run For the Sun
Run to the Sun
Run towards the Sun
S Snowman
S Spider
S Sweater
Sail the Whale and Snail
Salt Makes Ice Melt
Scoop Goop
Scoop Up Loops
Scream for Ice Cream
Scrub the Cub
Search for S
Secret Santa
See a Sight and Take Flight
Shabby Grubby Dog
Shadow Shapes
Shadows of Ships and Shapes
Share the Bear
Sheep in a Jeep
Sheep Will Eat a Treat
Sheepdogs Like to Shred
Shells on the Shore
Shelly Sheepdog Shreds Shoes
Shine on the Line
Ship the Sheep
Ship Trip
Shoo, You, Shoo
Shoot Into the Boot
Shop for Shorts
Shout Out a Spout
Shout, "He is Out!"
Show and Share
Show Shadow Shapes
Sick Chick
Sidewalk Chalk
Sift for a Gift
Silly Snowmen
Silly, Sneaky Spider
Sink or Swim
Sit on It
Six Little Chicks
Sketch and Ski
Skip to the Ship
Slim and Trim
Slip the Letter I in the Slit
Slip with a Rip
Slugs Slink Slowly
Small Ball
Snack Sack
Snag a Rag
Snag and Wag a Flag
Snail Mail for Whale
Snail Mail or Air Mail
Snap Open and Wrap
Sneak Peek
Snip Snap
Snip, Drip, and Sip
Snouts and Spouts
So Low
Spaghetti in Space
Special Sports
Spider Gets Wider
Spill and Sprinkle
Spill Spools
Spin and Splash
Spin Spools
Spin to Win
Spit Out Pits
Splash When You Smash Trash
Splat, Spray, and Sprinkle
Splatter and Spray
Spooky Spider
Spot Spooky Spiders
Spout, Sponge, and Spot
Spread Jam on Bread
Sprouts Spring Up
Spurt, Splash, and Spray
Sputter and Rattle
Stack on the Track
Stack Stack Stack
Stack the Sacks
Star Car
Star Jar and Car Jar
Start and Stop
Stash the Trash
Stay and Play
Stay Away, Blue Jay
Stay Dog Stay
Step on S
Stinky Stinkbug
Stop and Shop
Stop Cop
Stop to Shop
Straight Streets
String a Spring
Strips and Straps
Strut and Stroll
Stuck in Muck
Stuck in the Muck
Stuff the Cuff
Sun and Stars
Super Space
Super Sweater
Swapping Sweaters
Sway and Play
Sweep the "eep"
Sweet Treat
Swept Away
Swim or Sink
Swim, Swim, Swim
Swing a Thing
Swing the String
Swirl and Twirl
Swirl and Whirl Art
Swish a Fish
Swish a Fish in a Dish
Swish for a Fish
Switch and Swap Sweaters
Switch Seats
Swoosh and Swish
T Time
T Time!
T Tour
T Train
T Treasure Trip
Take a Car to a Snack Bar
Take a Dance Class and Twist, Swirl, and Spin
Take Care of a Bear
Take the Car to the Park
Tall Ball Race
Tall Tower of Tops
Tan Pancake Man
Tap a Cap
Tap and Clap
Tap and Rap on a Drum
Tap Clap Rap
Tasty Treats
Teacher's Tasty Treat Table
Teacher's Tasty Treats
Ted Needs To Be Fed
Ted, Jed, and Ned
Ten Hens in a Pen
Ten Hens Write with Ten Pens
Ten Pens
Tent with Ts
Tents with T
Test LP
Thankful for Things
The Aim Game
The Black Backpack
The Bug and the Jug
The Cook Took My Cookbook
The Dot
The Frenzied Freeze Dance
The King Swings on a String
The Pancake Man Ran
The Pirate Clark Says ARR!
The Ram Eats Ham and Jam
The Red Sled
The Rhyming Tree
The Tan Can
The Trash Goes Crash
Thick and Thin
Things to Twirl, Hurl, and Swirl
Thirteen Thorns
Three or Thirteen Things
Three Thieves
Throw a Birthday Party
Throw Things with Your Thumb
Thump and Thud
Thump Things with your Thumb
Thumper goes Thump
Tick Tock Clock
Tick Tock Goes the Clock!
Tick Tock Time to Rock
Tick Tock, Click Clack
Tim or Jim
Time to Slice a Lime
Tip and Drip
Tip and Tap a Top
Tiptoe to T
Tire on a Fire Truck
Toil for the Royal King and Queen
Toil to Clean a Toy
Tote Notes and Boats in a Tote Bag
Trace a Face
Track the Bear Tracks
Tracks Go to a Snack
Train Trip
Tricky Train Trip
Tubas and Tambourines
Turn and Stir to Churn
Turn the Knob and Do the Job
Tut, Tut, Can I Have a Nut?
Tut, Tut, Can I Please Have a Nut?
Twirl and Swirl and Whirl
U for the Umpire
U Goes Up
U Under an Umbrella
Ub Club Mingle
ug Riddles
Under the Umbrella
Unlock the Lock
Up and Under
Up Pup!
V Vacation
V Valentine
V Vest
Vacation to Visit Victoria
Valentine Vase
Velcro V
Vest with Vs
Votes for Boats and Totes
Vowel Brothers' Racetrack
W Wig
W Wiggle Dance
Wag a Flag
Wag and Drag a Rag
Wahoo! I Like That Too!
Wanda's Wig
Watch Out for That Pouch
Watch Worms Wiggle
Wave, Wiggle, and Waggle
We All Play Ball
We Dug Up a Bug
We Sell Shells and Bells
Weave a Web
Wet Pets
Wham Bam!
What Has Detective Green Seen?
What Hid Under the Lid
What the Bear Can Wear
What to do with Wh
Where Are the Whales?
Which Lid Goes with Which Kid
Whirl and Swirl
Who Had the Doodad?
Who Hid the Lid
Wiggle and Waggle
Wiggle Worms
Wipe Stripes Off a Pipe
Wish for a Fish
Witch's Flat Hat
Word Factory
Work to Find W
Wrap a Cap
Wrap Caps and Hats to Sell
X Marks the Treasure Box
X rays
Yay for Y
Yell for the Bell
Yellow Yak
Yellow Yak's Yard
Yippee for Y
Yum Plum
Yummy Y Yogurt
Yummy Yellow Yogurt
Z Zebra
Zap a Cap
Zigzag Z
Zigzag Zebra
Zip and Clip
Zip and Zoom
Zoe at the Zoo
Zoom Around the Room
Zoom to Find Z
Zooming Zebras